Westford Pilates Testimonials | Chelmsford MA and Westford MA
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Fantastic experiences! A longtime Pilates enthusiast and fitness class goer, I just moved to the area and have found the perfect environment and support with Westford Pilates. Professional and inviting, the classes are sure to focus on the subtle and not so subtle techniques of Pilates in a mind clearing, focused, and all out pleasant humor. The instructor is great about providing well timed cues, describing forms, and gently and discreetly correcting positions when needed. Themed classes are also offered mixing in stretching, toning, core, yoga, and classic props like circle or my new BF, the orange ball. After trying a couple individual times, I bought a pack of classes. All very reasonably priced!

--Nicole V., Columbus, GA

I want to tell you that you have a very unique gift for teaching. You are an expert in your field and have a knack for handling a very diverse group of clientele. I truly enjoy and look forward to your classes.

--Joyce, Belle Feuille Floral Design & the Power of Flowers Project

After 50 years of intermittent back problems, and finding most new exercises caused problems, I was scared to start Pilates. Thank goodness I did.

Chris was so helpful, monitoring me closely even in a group lesson and suggesting modificaionts to suit me. A couple of years later, I am in much better shape, feel stronger and have a more resilient back. Chris even makes these classes fun.

--Margaret, Westford

Last year I trained for a half marathon with severe knee pain and could never run back to back days. I've tried everything PT, acupuncture & massage.

They have all helped some to keep me running, but Pilates is what has really changed my running life. I read multiple articles about yoga & Pilates for running and thought I would give it a try. Last fall I met Chris and as a runner herself she really understood how to help me become a stronger runner.

Since I started doing Pilates with Chris I have been able to run back to back days with no pain. Without Pilates I would never have been able to PR (get a personal record in)a half marathon - thank you!!

--Samantha,  Ayer

Thanks again for (the workout) today. It is always a pleasure to work with you. I find your direction and support allow me to accomplish more than I could on my own.

--Laura Marie, Integrative Yoga Therapist

I'm glad you noticed my form is improving as I do feel it too! You are a great patient instructor and I am looking forward to learning more from you.

--Jayne, Westford

I really enjoy your classes.  You are an excellent teacher!

-- Mariellen, Chelmsford

I enjoy Pilates (your classes) so much, and missed it last week!  My body (and mind) feels much better! You have to know, I had thyroid cancer treatment in 2008, and not feeling well ever since. BUT, Pilates changed all that! And I am so glad I found out about your classes!

--Elke P.

Chris Kandianis, Pilates Instructor Extraordinaire, has been putting up with me for several years now. My aching joints, the bad back, the whining. In your 60's, you're lucky if you can bend over and touch your toes, right? Well, thanks to Chris, I can administer my own pedicure while I'm down there. Seriously! I take a private lesson once a week, and have been in her group lessons as well. I had tried Pilates with another instructor and my back went out, so I was a little nervous at first. But Chris knows the human body, so there's no fear of injury. She's patient, encouraging, and is always updating her equipment to keep the exercises fun and interesting (try the Cardio-Tramp). I'm not saying it's a cakewalk: She works on muscles I'd forgotten I had!But the benefits are priceless, as they say.

Chris is the best. And as far as exercise goes -- this is about as fun as it gets!

--Debbie P., Burlington

I have benefited from learning and practicing pilates on multiple fronts. When mild, age-related degenerative disk complications developed in my lower back two years ago, I initially had to drastically change my exercise routine.

Regular walks with friends around the hills of my neighborhood had to stop, swimming laps became more uncomfortable, and even brisk walks to and from meetings at work became difficult.  Developing the core musculature that is engaged in pilates has strengthened my lower back to the point where I can resume all of these activities, while being more aware and preventive in my overall body mechanics to avoid further injuries.  My posture has improved, I have lost weight, and my body has become more toned. While strengthening my back has been my first goal, these side benefits are great!

I also appreciate how effectively Chris blends her professional knowledge of exercise, physiology, and overall fitness with a warm, supportive and personalized approach to individual needs and challenges.

--K. Muir, Westford

I am really enjoying your Pilates classes. Thank you for sharing your talents.

--D. J., Boxboro

Thanks for your patience with me.  For the first time in my life I am beginning to feel just where my muscles are and am learning to control them. It's been great working with you.

--Darlene D., Acton

Working with Chris has yeilded many positive changes for me, and has had the added bonus of being fun. I began to see results after only eight weeks and was surprised by the changes.  I found that I felt much stronger, more balanced in my posture, and no longer had lower back pain at the end of a busy day.  Considering that my days involve lifting and running after 2 1/2 year old twins, this was truly amazing!  In the past I had worked with physical therapists after hip and back surgeries, but I have found that I had better results in terms of function and pain relief in my workouts with Chris. Her knowledge, skill, intuition and kindness make her a true healer.

--Alice C., Westford

Pilates classes and reformer sessions have proved invaluable therapies allowing me to avoid knee replacement surgery. And Chris is the best part of the experience - her thorough knowledge, always buoyant and patient disposition, ability to understand and tailor routines to individual needs, and especially her wealth of 'visuals' through verbal prompts helping one to engage the correct muscles toward the goal of perfect, injury-impeding form.

--Joan Keane, Westford

I like your style and the atmosphere. I have noticed my abs are behaving better already :-). I am really glad I joined your class.

--Barbara T., Westford

We just had 3 people sign up today through us who are currently enrolled and have nothing but great things to say about the class and you!!!.

--Coordinator of Lowell General wellness classes