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Class Descriptions

All classes are:

Connect to Your Core Yoga
In this all-levels Kripalu Yoga class, connect to the core of your being, find balance & stability and ignite your inner radiance. This class focuses on the physical and energetic core of the body.

Working with the core in yoga is about so much more than strengthening the abdominal muscles. The deep muscles of the abdomen and pelvis are the core of our physical body, providing stability, grounding and balance. In the subtle body they represent our power center; the seat of prana - the subtle life force that animates all matter. Increasing strength, flexibility and awareness in the core can help us to feel more stable, grounded and at ease in our own bodies, more empowered in our lives and more open and awake in our hearts. In this class we'll work with asana (yoga postures) and pranayama (breathwork) to bring strength, stability and flexibility to the physical core while awakening and connecting to the vital life force energy of the solar plexus and heart.

Stretch & Tone At the Barre
Stretch and Tone at the Barre offers exercises that integrate elements of Pilates, dance, and strength training! The pace is dynamic and energetic. You will use light props at the barre to strengthen the core, legs, glutes, and arms. Plus we incorporate dynamic stretching to improve flexibility.

ESSENTRICS® is a system of exercise that was designed to dynamically combine strengthening and stretching to develop a strong, toned body. The idea is to develop full mobility of each joint and muscle.

This class is a full body workout that incorporates a dynamic combination of stretching and toning movements to simultaneously create longer, leaner, stronger muscles without using weights. Sharon uses invigorating music in this moderately paced workout, which will leave you feeling more toned, rebalanced and energized. It is ideal for beginners or non-beginners who are active, healthy and fully mobile. Combination of standing and floor work.

Blissful Yoga
This practice is designed to help you tune into your body and your breath, your way. We move at a moderate pace, mindfully linking movement with breath as we balance the opportunity to increase strength and flexibility with the cultivation of self-awareness. Movement ranges from dynamic flow to longer holds, incorporating yogic philosophy and meditation as we explore the many benefits that yoga has to offer. All levels welcome, as props are available and modifications will be offered; make the practice your own.

Pilates With The Orange Ball
The orange mini stability ball releases tension throughout the body. It enhances Pilates movements by adding resistance and increasing demands on the neuromuscular system. The result is a stronger, more resilient and fluid body. All levels

Yoga-Pilates Fusion
We'll combine the stability of Pilates with the stretch, focus and balance of a yoga practice. This class will have a yoga pace and feel while incorporating Pilates exercises to develop shoulder, core and pelvic stability. Standing poses and balances will add strength and recruit the deep muscles we develop in Pilates movements. All levels

Pilates all levels
Students will work through a repertoire of Pilates exercises with the goal of developing core stability and strength from the inside out. Focus is on controlled and concentrated movements centered with breath awareness. Modifications will be given for varying skill levels. Beginners welcome

Stretch and Tone
Stretch & Tone will move you through a series of exercises to improve overall functionality of the body. Using a combination of props such as the orange ball, flex-band and yoga strap, we will use Pilates, yoga and traditional exercises to strengthen the core while improving range of motion in the joints and large muscle groups. The goal is to improve mobility while strengthening. Whether you are a runner with no time to stretch, someone who has chronically tight muscles or you just want to improve your overall strength and flexibility, this class is for you. All levels

Slow Flow Yoga
This class is designed to make yoga accessible to all levels and all body types. It begins with centering and Pranayama, i.e. breathing exercises, moves into the asanas, i.e. postures, and ends with savasana, i.e. deep relaxation. Students will learn to use props such as blocks and straps to facilitate the postures. Leave with a sense of strength and calm.

Core and More with Carol Wing
Build strength with a mixture of classic resistance exercises combined with plenty of challenging core movements. We will focus on the trunk muscles and then radiate out to include toning of buttocks, hips, legs, chest, arms and back. Props will be used to challenge strength and stability, and to increase muscle recruitment during exercise. All levels