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Pilates focuses on training the mind and body to work together towards overall fitness. Most traditional exercise programs focus only on strengthening the large muscle groups, ignoring the deeper and smaller stabilizing muscles. Pilates strengthens the core trunk muscles from the inside out. Through controlled and concentrated movements centered with breath awareness and dynamic spinal and abdominal stabilization, Pilates helps develop proper postural alignment along with more uniform and longer, leaner muscles.

Fantastic experiences! A longtime Pilates enthusiast and fitness class goer, I just moved to the area and have found the perfect environment and support with Westford Pilates. Professional and inviting, the classes are sure to focus on the subtle and not so subtle techniques of Pilates in a mind clearing, focused, and all out pleasant humor. The instructor is great about providing well timed cues, describing forms, and gently and discreetly correcting positions when needed. Themed classes are also offered mixing in stretching, toning, core, yoga, and classic props like circle or my new BF, the orange ball. After trying a couple individual times, I bought a pack of classes. All very reasonably priced!
Nicole V., Columbus, GA

After 50 years of intermittent back problems, and finding most new exercises causes problems, I was scared to start Pilates. Thank goodness I did. Chris was so helpful, monitoring me closely even in a group lesson and suggesting modifications to suit me. A couple of years later, I am in much better shape, feel stronger and have a more resilient back.
Margaret, Westford

Last year I trained for a half marathon with severe knee pain and could never run back to back days. I've tried everything PT, acupuncture & massage. They have all helped some to keep me running, but Pilates is what has really changed my running life. I read multiple articles about yoga & Pilates for running and thought I would give it a try. Last fall I met Chris and as a runner herself she really understood how to help me become a stronger runner. Since I started doing Pilates with Chris I have been able to run back to back days with no pain. Without Pilates I would never have been able to PR (get a personal record in)a half marathon - thank you!!
Samantha, Ayer

NEW Saturday Class!
Stretch & Tone will now be offered at 9am and 10:15am on Saturdays! You'll have more scheduling flexibility and more space in class! Check the registration system for instructor assignments.

Note: The Tuesday 9:30am Pilates All Levels class is on hiatus.

Tune Up For Spring!
Be ready for all your spring activities- hiking, biking, gardening or whatever your active lifestyle involves with a regular class at Westford Pilates. Choose from a great line-up of yoga, Pilates and toning classes.

Want to Tame Your Food Cravings?
Join us on Sat Mar 25 at 11:30am to learn about the Ultimate Rejuvenation Cleanse, how it works and how it can help you. Whether you've done the cleanse, have thought about doing it or plan to never do it, you will learn valuable techniques and try foods that can help you on your journey to better health.

New Address!
288 Littleton Rd., Westford, Unit 16 - it is in the Gateway building at the corner of Powers Rd.

A regular yoga practice can improve your physical health and reduce stress. Browse our class schedule and descriptions for a yoga class that meets your needs.

Sign up for a class or a private session. Private sessions are available using Pilates equipment or in yoga. Private sessions are customized based on your goals.

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